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I have been riding horses for 10 years and I am an active member of the United States Pony Club. I own 3 horses and I am an HB in the Pony Club rating system. I enjoy eventing, dressage, and instructing younger club members but love to do anything dealing with horses. Currently, I am studying animal sciences and hope to use this to increase my knowledge of horses.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For The Love of The Horse

There is something about horses that draws a person in. Could it be the innocence you see in their eye or maybe the calmness or serenity in the way they carry themselves? What is it that draws people in? What creates that special bond between human and equine? Whether you ride for pleasure or enjoy competing in English or Western there is a common tie that draws everyone together, it is the love we share for our equine friends. When you step into the barn, all your cares from the day just fall away and all that is left is you and your horse. You work for years to establish this bond, and this camaraderie. You and your horse have finally formed a partnership, you are finally a team. As soon as you climb aboard your horse, there is nothing else around you. As mentioned earlier, there are so many disciplines to choose from that it turns into a family sport and everyone can find something they enjoy. Within the english discipline, people can choose dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers, polo, saddle seat, and even endurance riding. Western offers many different events as well, that include barrels, reining, cutting, and roping. I have learned most everything I know about horses from the United States Pony Club. I have been a member for 10 years and I love it.

I have three horses, and two actually live on my property which is very convenient. I still have my first pony that I ever owned. His name is Luke and he is a 14.3 hh grade pony who I evented for a little while and now am schooling him in First Level dressage. The other horse that I have at my house is actually one that I rescued from the Indiana Horse Rescue. Sheba is a 35 year old appaloosa and is blind in both eyes due to a common disease called uveitis. This disease causes the gradual shrinking of the eyes and is common in Appaloosas. Her right eye has already been removed because it was too small for the socket. Suprisingly, she gets around very well as long as you do not change her surroundings. There is a picture of her below.

My other horse, Danz, is actually boarded at my trainers because we are trying to sell him. He is a thirteen year old 16.2 hh thoroughbred. I evented him for awhile but decided he needed to go to someone who didn't mind doing training or preliminary and going fast. I have had him for four years and although it will be sad seing him leave, I am hoping to eventually replace him with a really nice dressage horse. Unfortunately, with the economy, it will probably be awhile before he is sold. For now though I am just enjoying riding whenever I can and looking forward to competing on Luke this summer.


  1. What's the difference between a pony and a horse?

  2. The difference has to do with size. A horse is over 14.2 hands high and a pony is under 14.2 hands high. Hands are the way we measure horses and a hand is equal to 4 inches. Some people, however use one term to refer to all equine animals.

  3. I totally agree with that there is something in a horse that just makes you want to be around them. I've had many a visits with my horse (sadly he doesn't live in my back yard; half an acre is a little too small. =P) but I have gone to see him and he'd be out in pasture with his buddies and although my intention would be to go out there, catch him, bring him in, and ride...I always seemed to just let that thought slip for another hour or so as I walked out to find him.
    He and his friends just relaxing, eating, and doing all that other fun horse stuff. Occasionally a few would come over to visit me, Vader (my horse) would join trying to figure out why I wasn't trying to catch him. Truth is…I was just enjoying their peace and fun too much to disrupt that.

    Being around these magnificent animals is the BEST way to forget those problems of your daily, monotonous life as you mentioned happens to you when you simply step into the barn. Everything leaves you.

    It’s really cool that you rescued Sheba. How did you come across her in the rescue program?

    I think it is really awesome that you still own your first pony! Good luck with Luke and Dressage. That has always been a mesmerizing sport!

  4. I found Sheba through a friend. They had actually rescued her, but were ready to rescue another one. They had to get rid of her first to make room for a new one, so they just called us. The Indiana Horse Rescue also has a website though You can find a lot of information on there too.